The National String Symphonia

David A. Fanning, Music Director

Founded in 2013, the National String Symphonia is a professional symphonic string orchestra. Our mission is to preserve, promote, and present string orchestra music. Many ensembles do not program this repertoire for a variety of reasons, including its relative obscurity and its musical complexity, as well as basic challenges in obtaining performance materials.

Our goal is to reach beyond the archetypical orchestra audience and become an integral part of the musical life of listeners at all ages and stages. We seek to innovate the concert experience, and we are exploring new and different ways of presenting the music – including through the use of video elements and educational presentations. We strive to increase accessibility to and relevance of the music while ensuring high-caliber performances.

This body of work spans nearly 500 years. While we are apt to envision art music composers as wig-adorned, white European men, music is being created today by an assortment of composers that includes diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, age, geography, and style.

The universality of the music and its makers is reflected in the makeup of the NSS. Our members represent a wide age range, hail from all over the world, and bring a variety of experience to our organization.


The National String Symphonia envisions a world in which art music is a meaningful part of the shared experience of a universal community.


The National String Symphonia strives to preserve, promote, and present string orchestra music through a diverse array of concert performances, educational workshops, and innovative programming in Greater Washington and beyond.

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